Yeah. Some customers still carry bank cards and cash!

DoCommerce has integrated POS that connects your brick and mortar store to your online store. Using POS at your store synchronizes all product information in the background.

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Sell on PoS, sell everywhere

Sell, anywhere. Guaranteed!

Accepting all major virtual payments will ensure maximizing your revenue. Whether it is cash, bank card, credit card or mobile payment, you can process all payments integrated to your store. Take payment both online and ‘offline’!

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Take any payments, anywhere!

Integrated POS will act as a single store management software for your online business, social media and physical store. All sales and payment information are updated throughout all of your stores.

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Got a POS system? Connect it and create an online store in just few minutes

You can easily connect your POS system with DoCommerce and start importing all your product data including customer information directly to your online store. From taxes, shipping, inventory and order information- DoCommerce syncs all data automatically.