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How to Set up payment method from the admin panel

The payment method is one of the most important parts of any business. If any store builder does not have an easy payment integration process, store owners will face a lot of hassles. After going through our article you can easily add a payment method within 5 minutes. You can watch our video tutorial for better knowledge.

1.    At first log in to your admin panel

2.    Then type your admin email and

3.    Then type the password

4.    Then click sign in 

05. Then click settings from the dashboard

06. Then click payment method 

07. Then click +add payment method 

Then the dropdown list of the payment methods will appear

08. Select your desired payment method from the dropdown list of payment

09. Then click Save

 10. Then your desired payment method will appear in the payment method dashboard

11. Then you will have to turn on the visibility of the payment method

Then a pop-up window will appear based on that payment method integration

12. Then filled the pop-up with the required field according to the payment gateway requirement.

Then select for whom your payment method will work

13. You can check the box for customers or for the dropshippers

14. Then click save 

15. You can edit the payment method details anytime 

16. And you can select the individual country from which a customer or drop-shipper can pay by clicking on Allow Country

17. After Clicking Allowed County you will show the country list from there you can set your desired country from where customers can pay through this payment method.

18. Then click save

It is very simple to complete this entire process. We hope this tutorial helped you. If you need further assistance, feel free to mail us at support@docommerce.com

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