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How to set up Commission for Dropshipper

The commission is the ultimate return for dropshippers. A drop-shipper can easily set up commissions from the DoCommerce-verified supplier's admin panel. 

In this article, we will learn this process step by step. You can also watch our video for a better understanding.

How to set up margin for Dropshipper 


First, log in to your Admin panel.


Type your email address and password 


Then click Sign In 


Click setting from the Dashboard. 


Then select Dropshipping setting from the Dropshipping Dropdown. 


If you want to disable New Dropshipper Sign-up, check this box and keep it blank if you wish to continue dropshipping.


Then set up the settlement duration from the dropdown (try to shorten the settlement duration. It will impress the drop-shipper to do business with you)


Then click save 


You can select all the products together to define the commission.


You can set the commission as fixed or Percentage in this box.


You can also set the price range for the drop-shippers

By checking the box of Selling Price Editable 

You can also set the minimum value for the drop shipper 

You can also set the maximum sell value for the dropshipper


Also, you can set your selected categories for dropshipping.

You can also edit the selling price as like before from each category's options.


You can set individual products and set individual commissions as fixed or percentages from the box.

You can also edit the selling price as like before from each category's options.


You can search in this search box to get the individual product quickly. 


Then click save 


This is how you can set the margin for drop shippers easily.


I hope this article helped you. If you need further assistance, mail us at support@docommerce.com 

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