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How to onboard Drop-shippers From DoCommerce Admin Panel

To onboard a drop-shipper from the DoCommerce website is very straightforward. Anyone can do this within 5 minutes. Read our tutorial carefully or watch our video by clicking here.


1. At first, log in to your admin panel 

2. Then type your admin email and

3.   Then type the password

4. Then click sign in 

05. Then click users from the dashboard

06. Then Click Dropshippers

 07. And then click Add Dropshipper

08. Put down the Name of the dropshippers

09. Then type the drop-shipper business name

10. You can select the Date of Birth of the drop-shipper (it’s not mandatory)

11. You can select the Gender from the dropdown

12. Then upload the image of the dropshipper

13. Write the address of the drop-shipper in Address lines 1 and 2

14. Type the Zip/postal code in this box

15. Select the country of the drop-shipper

16. Then select the state of the drop-shipper.

17. Then select the city of the drop-shipper from the dropdown list.

Then Type the login Details options of the drop-shipper which is mandatory

18. Write the valid email address of the drop-shipper in the email address box.

19. Then type the phone number of the drop-shipper.

20. Then type the password and confirm the password.

After completing all the mandatory fields

21. Click Save. 

22.   You can edit the drop shipper from the Action dropdown 

22.1. You can see the Dropshipper details by clicking on the Details button.

22.2. You can edit the drop-shipper details by clicking on the edit button.

22.3 You can see the sign in history

22.4. Also, you can enable/disable the drop-shipper.

22.5 Those who sign in from your website you can approve or decline their registration from the approval dropdown.

I hope this tutorial helped you. If you need further assistance, email us at support@docommerce.com

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