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How to generate & edit a coupon Code

You can generate or edit discount codes from the admin panel of DoCommerce very easily. It will hardly need 5 minutes to set your discount code. You can watch our video to get a better understanding.


1.    At first, go to your admin panel

2.    Then type your admin email and

3.    Then type the password

4.    Then click sign in 

05.Then click marketing and promotion from the Dashboard

06. Then click Discounts & Offers
07. Then Click +Add Discount 

08. Type your coupon code Name in the Discount Code Box

09. Select How many days the coupon will remain active from Start to End Date
10. Then select the type of Discount either percentages or Fixed amount
10.1 If you select a percentage then click percentage

10.2 Then set the value in the Discount percentage box. You can also set the maximum discount amount. 

10.3 If you select Fixed amount then type the discount value in the box.

Then select to which products the discount code can be applied.
11. You can apply the coupon on All products

12.  you can apply the code to a specific set of products (You can select it from the search box)

13. Also you can apply your coupon to specific products by searching in the search box.

14.   You can select the minimum requirements for the coupon Code

14.1 You can select none if there is no minimum requirement

14.2 You can define the minimum purchase amount for the coupon code

14.3 You can also define the minimum quantity of items in this box.

15. Then Customer eligibility
15.1 You can select every customer or
15.2 You can select specific customers by searching in the search box.

16. Usage Limit:

16.1 Check this box to limit the number of times this coupon code is. In total how many times this discount code can be used?

16.2 Here you can set the limit of using coupons for individual customers.

17. Then Click Save.

18. After activating Coupon Code you can edit it from the action drop-down

18.1 You can enable/disable the coupon code

18.2 You can edit the COUPON or

18.3 You can delete the coupon code by clicking on the TRASH button.

I hope, this tutorial helped you. If you need further assistance, email us at support@docommerce.com

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