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How to create a blog in Docommerce Website

A blog is an important section for the free campaign of your product. A store owner can promote his/her products without any cost. Adding a blog section is super easy. You can create a blog in your DoCommerce store from the admin panel within 5 minutes. Simply go through our tutorial or watch our video to add a blog section to your store.

First, go to the admin log-in page.

Type in your credentials. 

Then click sign in 

Then click appearance from the dashboard

Then click Blog

Click add Blog from here.

Then a pop-up window will appear.

You can enter an SEO-friendly Blog title in this box.

Type the summary of your post content in the excerpt box

You can edit the details of the content from this bar 

You will have multiple options to customize this content.

Then type the content of your Blog.

Then type your page title in this box. 

Type the meta keyword for the BlogBlog here

Then use this box for the meta description of your Blog.

You can use this dropdown menu to activate this BlogBlog on your store or to keep it as a draft by selecting the draft option.

Use the relevant tag for the Blog.

Click here to add the feature image for the BlogBlog, then click upload.

Select the date of publication of this BlogBlog from here.

You can add blogs to your website from the admin panel.

I hope this tutorial helped you. If you need further assistance, email us at support@docommerce.com

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