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How to configure the basic settings of the website

Configuring or editing the basic settings of the website in DoCommerce is very easy. You can do this within 5 minutes by reading our tutorial or by watching our video. Make sure you go through every step carefully.

1. First log in to your admin panel

2.    Then type your admin email and

3.    Then type the password

4.    Then click sign in 

06. Then click settings from the dashboard

07. Then click general settings

08. Put down your store name here

09. If your business has a slogan or tagline mention it here

10. Then select the language

11. Admin Panel

11.1 Theme: You can change the admin panel theme from this dropdown

11.2 Menu Position: You can set the menu position from this dropdown

 12. Then set your order ID name and select the minimum digit of the ID from the dropdown

13. Check this box if you want to make your parent category clickable if not uncheck this box

14. Likewise, if you want to disable the category menu check this box if not keep it remain unchecked

15. If you want to disable shopping you can check this if not take it unchecked

16. If you want to enable tax check this box and type your VAT %

17. If you want to disable customer email verification check this box.

18. Then contact information

18.1 You can edit or type a new contact number here

18.2 Here you can edit the email address of the website

18.3 Type your business location in Address Line 1 and Address line 2

18.4 Select your country from the dropdown list or you can search in this search box.

19. Meta

Here you will use various codes like Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager, and others

20. Homepage SEO

20.1 Type the SEO title of your business

20.2 Then type the Keywords of your business

20.3 Then write the SEO description of your website

21.  Then click save.

I hope this article helped you. If you need further assistance, email us at support@docommerce.com

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