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How to add FAQS With Answers from the admin panel

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add FAQS with answers from the admin panel. FAQ is the section that gives all the answers to your customers. You can simply go through our article or watch our video. After watching our video, you will get a better understanding of how to do it within 5 minutes. 

At first, log in to your admin panel 

Type in your login credentials 

Then click sign in 

Then click appearance from the dashboard

Then click Faqs 

You will have to set the topic and Add an FAQ according to your topic. 

To add a topic, click on Add Topic

A pop-up window will appear

Type your topic name (Ex. Delivery)

Then select for whom you are setting the topic from the dropdown. 

Then click save

Then click Add FAQ

Then type the questions of a topic (How long will it take to receive my order) 

Then select the topic according to the question from the dropdown.

Then write the answer to the questions in this box. ( It may take up to 3-5 working days after receiving your order)

You can edit the answer from the upper menu bar. 

Then click save.

See, adding FAQ is very simple. If you need any assistance, you can contact support@docommerce.com

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