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How to Active offer wall in DoCommerce Store

You can easily activate your offer wall in the DoCommerce store. Be careful about these instructions. You can also watch our video to get a better understanding.

1.    At first, go to your admin panel

2.    Then type your admin email and

3.    Then type the password

4.    Then click sign in 

06. Then click integration 

07. Then scroll down, and you will get an offer wall option

08. Then click on Active

Then a pop-up window will appear.

09. You can use Page, Category, Product, or External Link as link type. Please select any one of them.

10. Then fill this box according to the link type

11. Then click on the image and click upload

12. Then select visibility as All from the dropdown

13. Finally, click save to activate the offer all.

Finally, select active then your offer will be activated successfully.

I hope, this article helped you. If you need further assistance, email us at support@docommerce.com

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