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74% Dutch consumers buy online: The eCommerce Gyration in the Heart of EU

According to data from 2019, an astonishing 97 percent of Dutch people have an internet connection. Data from the Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor 2020 shows there are 13.8 million online shoppers in the Netherlands.

In the first half of 2022, Dutch consumers made 168 million online purchases overall. This conclusion is based on the most recent Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor, which details consumer expenditure on online purchases in the Netherlands.

Seventy-four percent of Dutch customers made online purchases during the first three months of this year.

After the impact of the Pandemic on Global consumer behavior, online customers made fewer physical purchases than digital ones.

According to the newest research on IT use by Dutch households Statistics Netherlands,77% of Dutch customers made an online purchase last year. This is linked to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The newest research also mentioned that, in Q1 2022, 88% of consumers, from age 25 to 45 made online purchases.

And, on the other hand, compared to the previous year, only 61 percent of consumers aged 65 to 75 engaged in online shopping.

The largest online stores in  Dutch are (which has been the largest for several years), Wehkamp, Zalando, Coolblue, H&M, Hema, and

Amazon and eBay are not very popular among the dutch. This is mainly due to consumers' strong addiction to and

These two players have been active online for more than 20 years.


                                                          source: insights.afterpa

Significant rise in online ticket sales

From 8% in 2021 to 34% in 2022, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of tickets for cultural events sold online. The distinction is due to the limits in place because of the Corona Crisis last year.

Moreover, 9% of Dutch customers purchased online tickets for sporting events. That percentage was merely 2% the previous year.

Among 53%-59% people purchased clothes and shoes online

Where in the last year,  59% of consumers purchased these products. Other product categories are also clearly on the decline.

For example, in comparison to last year, 30% of Dutch customers now purchase furniture and home accents online.

The Dutch prefer to use iDeal, a kind of online payment created by the country's banking industry.

PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA are a few other widely used online payment options in the Dutch. AfterPay, accept giro, and Klarna is common post-payment options.

Services expanded in all categories

In the holiday sales package of 2022 sales grew by 129 %.Along with that, the event category and Ticket sales grew by 104% when compared to Q2 2021.

It is mentioned that customers almost spent £2.5 billion on the online services.

In the year 2019 the industry reached a turnover of 2.3 Billion Euros. It means it has a good sales level before the corona.

Dutch online shops are the primary source of purchases

Almost 70% of consumers bought goods or products at Dutch online stores. Only 22% of people bought goods from other EU nations.

Lastly, 12% of people from the rest of the world ordered products from stores, across international borders.

Impact of  smartphones in online purchases

Along with the increase of the use of smartphones the percent of people buying products online have also increased. They are interrelated with each other.

Researchers found  one in three purchases is done through smartphones nowadays.

Most purchases that are done through smartphones include food, tickets and clothing.

Though from years the popular device was laptop for online purchase but now it has decreased to 4  percent .

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