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Fastest Online store creator: Take your offline business to the online arena within a matter of minutes

With the rise of Alibaba and Amazon, the business has shifted its focus to online selling.

Online business is the most popular form of running a business. It's easy, accessible, and convenient, but many people still don't trust such platforms as they feel they are not secure enough.

However, with the rise in demand for online shopping, more and more people are shifting towards online stores instead of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. In this article, you will learn why online store creation is essential to start your virtual store.

The hidden norm that makes online business popular

Many businesses have physical and virtual stores, and entrepreneurs know the secret norm of the consumers.

Online shopping is convenient and saves time and money. It also helps the customers to get the best deal on their purchases. Customers can compare prices from various stores before making a decision.

However, many entrepreneurs are uncomfortable with this type of online store because they feel they need help to bear the cost of the store building.

The ideal trait of an online store creator you should care about

An ideal online store creator or builder will give you some unique features. Moreover, your customer will feel secure while buying products from your online store. But the core benefits your customer will pack: 


  • Information safety: The future Internet technology will be based on Web3. In this Web3, unauthorized access will not compromise the customer's interest and security. So, an ideal online store creator will help to keep your customer's personal information or financial transaction record safe. Therefore, you can manage your data policy in the future.

  • Proper cyber security: Your cyber security will be the top priority of the online store creator. So, there will be no excuses for your data hack or website hack. This is another big issue you should care about before communicating with your preferred store builder. Your customer payment history will be in the safe hand.

  • Correct pricing: An ideal online store creator will charge you minimal cost from you. Most store builder charges a lot in the form of plug-in or theme customization. But only a few store builder has eye-friendly pricing (For example, DoCommerce). 

You can launch your online store only by spending $11. You will get 30 fully customizable themes from DoCommerce without any cost.

Revolutionary steps that outdated your old thought of doing business

Most business still uses the old thought while doing business. But your old view of doing business is outdated in today's businesses. Most entrepreneurs like the idea of an online store creator.

There are plenty of reasons behind this mentality:

-  Finding good support and knowledgeable people who can help you with your digital marketing strategy is easy.

- Many old e-commerce stores are changing their outdated websites with updated colors or modern templates that make the websites look outstanding and professional.

- You need not spend money hiring designers and developers to create a beautiful website for your store (which is time-consuming).

The reasons why most online store creator fails in 2022

The biggest reason people don't want to create an online store is that they don't believe in the concept of online stores.

They think it won't be a better option for them and that it's too expensive and time-consuming.

They also face hassles with the technology to create an online store with bells and whistles, like payment processing services, shipping software, etc., which makes them believe this will also be difficult.

Well, there are many reasons behind this.

  • The fear of losing customers: It is one of the main reasons why many offline store owners do not go online. They fear their customers will stop buying from them, which can be a big problem for an offline business because it means losing out on potential sales.

  • Lack of time to manage: Another reason for not going online is the need for more time to manage an online store, especially when you have multiple products or services to sell in one place.

  • Complexity to build the store: Offline store owners might also worry about how much knowledge would be required before creating an effective website design that would attract new customers while still satisfying existing ones.

After all, it takes work to find good designers who know what kind of colors to use since every color has its meaning behind it (I'm talking about blue here).

Hand-in-hand support from a digital presence

Nowadays, digital media plays a significant role in increasing business growth. Digital marketing has completely changed the trend of doing business.

It effectively reaches customers, makes them aware of your brand, and increases sales. However, businesses must adapt to new technologies and trends to keep up with the competition.

Online store creator offers a solution that makes it easy for any entrepreneur or small business owner who wants their website created quickly and efficiently without having any technical skills.


Our free website maker offers various features such as:

- Easy domain purchase option and shop registration (with Google Analytics integration)

- Regular updates on SEO ranking based on Google algorithm updates

- Social media integration through Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Digital media is the future of every business. Henceforth, if you want to grow your business profits by several folds, you must consider a good option for website creation.

A brief guide to kickstart your online store within 10 minutes 

Welcome to the new arena of business. Following these steps, you can convert your offline store into an online one within 10 minutes.


Find the right online store builder platform.

Your offline store needs an online identity, and the right online store creator is the bridge to your dream store.

Remember one thing clearly. Your online store builder should have the correct functionality and a full-fledged content management system. Check out our core notes before choosing your preferred store builder.

A quick note for the right platform

- Take note of all functionalities you would like to get from your desired platform.

- Try to compare different online store creators and their features.

- Try to judge what you get from your desired platform.

- Take a free trial of your desired online builder platform.

Watch out for your silly mistakes while choosing the right platform. Your online store is a few steps away from you, and you always stay aware of the flow like other sellers.

Choose your domain name for your business.

As you have selected your desired eCommerce platform, the next step is to get your domain name. Make sure you have the same domain name as your offline store. Ensure your domain name is easy to remember and has no difficult pronunciation. 

Pro tips while choosing a domain name

- Keep the same domain name for your online and offline stores.

- Always use dot com as a prefix for your domain name. Dot com domain is widely used, and all most all customers are used to this powerful domain extension.

- You can also use your country name as your domain extension (For example, .au or .nz)

- Never use hyphens or numbers in your domain. People hardly use hyphens or numbers while searching on the net.

Audit your product catalog

Every offline business has some unique products that your customers love to buy. So before taking your offline business online, do a throughout audit of your products.

If your start your online journey with your most asked products, the chances will be high to get more online sales. 

While auditing your products, you can also diversify your products through proper research. For example, you can take help from Google Trends or eBay's website to get a close idea of your product's substitute. 

Most online store owners never stick to specific products and constantly experiment with their product catalog.

If you are out of ideas and want to find an easy solution, you can also check out the suppliers' hub for a better understanding.

Link up with your suppliers virtually.

As you have successfully assessed your online store creator and audited your hot products, you must find a solid supplier base to sustain the product flow.

Most offline store owners need help creating a solid supplier base while selling their most requested products online.

So, experts recommend calculating lead and lag strategy before going online store. 

Pro tips to decorate your supplier's base

- Try to evaluate your lead and lag strategy to find out the continuous sourcing of your product (Lead strategy fosters your pre-product demand, and lag strategy will give your a hint to the urgent need for your product).

It will be best if you do not depend on a single supplier.

Plan out store structure

If you have successfully planned out your first online store with the store builder, product audit, and supplier diversification, now you have to lay out your online store structure.

As you decide on your most saleable products, you should customize your online store based on this. But be sure you have identified the core pages of your online store. 

Tips to furnish your store correctly.

-  Make some mandatory pages such as contact us, the home page, about us, and products pages.

- Try to follow the tree website structure with multiple pages under each page.

- Only use a simple payment gateway for your website. Your customers will feel easy while buying from your store

Promote and sell

Congratulation, you have successfully converted your offline store to online. Now, it is time to promote your products. 

But how will you promote your products without cost?

Well, you can promote your product through social media or paid marketing. But if you are out of budget and want to promote your products free of cost. Then, you can follow our tips. 

Tips to promote your products without cost

  • Use Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing will give you enough traffic if your prime strategy is up to mark. 

  • Keep a concise product description section: Most people love to buy products after knowing all the pros and cons of products. If your products have a clear and concise description, they will sell.

  • Keep a blog section: A blog section with the latest news and trends can increase your sale. Moreover, your brand will get free promotion. 

  • Social media marketing: You should create all the social media pages (i,e, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Every day, upload some lucrative images of your products. Thus, you can easily promote your products without cost.

Bottom Line

You will be able to create your eCommerce website within a matter of minutes with the right website builder. Your website-building journey will be well-versed in this field, and you will create a fantastic website within minutes. So be optimistic and exploit the benefits of the internet ASAP.  

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