How to Open a store in DoCommerce

If you are passionate about starting your first eCommerce journey in 2022, then DoCommerce is the right pick. You can quickly launch your eCommerce store on the DoCommerce platform.

DoCommerce allows you to open your first online store within 10 minutes. So simply follow our steps very carefully and launch your first online store. You can check out our video here.


1. First, visit www.docommerce.com

2. Then click Free Trial 

3. Then you will be redirected to this registration page 

4. Then Put your name 

5. Then type your email address

6. Select your country code from the dropdown then type your mobile number 

7. Then type your password and confirm your password

8. Check the box here for the T&C

9. Then please check this box to verify yourself as a real user 

10. Then click on register.

Then a verification mail will be sent to your mail address which you used when signing up.

You have to go back to your email address and check your inbox as well as another tab to make sure that you have received the verification mail 

After clicking on Verify Email Address you will be logged in automatically to your merchant account.

Then click Create Store from the Merchant Panel

With New Domain

 If you want to purchase a domain click here

1. Then type your domain name and click on check.

2. Then Select your domain 

3. Then click continue 

After completing the next required fields,  you will get an invoice in your mail.  

After paying the invoice your domain will be purchased.

With Sub-Domain

If you want to open the store in sub-domain 

Then click on I want to place the panel on sub-domain

With Own Domain

If you have a domain click on I have a domain and type the domain name in the Panel domain Box

While doing so make sure You read the domain integration guideline carefully before clicking on I have a domain name.

If you have any questions then you can simply contact the support of do-commerce by emailing support@docommerce.com for assistance with this particular section.

Then select your desired monthly package


1. Then type your admin panel Email ID 

2. Type your admin password 

3. then Confirm the password 

4. Select your country from the dropdown list 

5. Then select your timezone  from the dropdown 

Then select your currency from the dropdown list ( Please select your currency carefully as it is not changeable.)

6. Select your preferred language from the dropdown

7. Then click Get started

8. Then the store will be saved successfully

Then click on the admin area from the store from the merchant panel

Then you will be redirected to the admin panel of your website

Then type your admin panel  email address

Then type your password 

Then click sign in

Put your store name (Make sure you enter your website name as your store name)

Then click Create Store button 

Then you will get your admin panel dashboard

Then click publish store from the dashboard

Then fill up the basic Set up form here.

1. You will get your Store name as you have typed it at the time of putting the store name

2. Then write your Store Slogan or tagline in this box 

3. In logotype, you can upload your store logo  

4. You can also add the favicon of your store **(please ensure that you are following the recommended size of the logo as mentioned here).

5. You can Generate a text logo by clicking on Generate text logo button.So you got both options

6. Then click next

Then you are done for this segment. 

Contact Details:

Moving on from here  you can then type the contact details of your store here

1. Type your hotline number 

2. Then type your email address 

3. Then type the address of your business in Address Line 1 and Address Line 2

4. Then select your country from the dropdown list 

Social Media Link: 

5. If you have a google map link to your business put it here. 

6. Then type your business page link in the Facebook link box.

7. Then put your Pinterest link in this box if you have one.

8. Then put your Instagram link in this box 

9. Then put your youtube page link 

10. Write your LinkedIn link in this box

11. Then click the Next button

Now to set up the theme you have a lot of options here

Theme Set-Up

First, select your desired theme from the Demo themes 

Ok, you can find the demo themes here just simply select one.

After selecting the demo you will get two options inside every theme.

1. With Demo Data( you will get all the demo products and settings if you select this option)


2. Without Demo Data ( you will not  get any data if you select this option)

It’s better to run the theme with the demo data. And that's the first option here

Then You can see the preview of the desired than by clicking on the preview options

3. Then click Next

Here you will get the full preview of your website 

Check every option with care and make sure that everything is ok.

If you are satisfied with the preview 

Then simply click on Save & Publish

Then you will get a pop-up showing  Setting Saved and Published successfully.

Then simply click visit Website from the left dashboard.

Then you will be able to see your Store live. This is how you can easily create the Store in DoCommerce. And start selling your product almost instantly. If you have more questions you can simply contact the support team  by simply sending an email to support@docommerce.com

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