DoCommerce Affiliate Program

30% recurring commission on every successful referral you make.

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DoCommerce Affiliate Program
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Just few steps and your $$$ are in your account

Just few steps and your $$$ are in your account

1. Sign up

Sign up for an account on DoCommerce. No credit card required.

2. Activate a plan

Activate any of the 3 plans . You can either wait till the trial period is over or activate right away.

3. Get Referral Link

You can find the referral link from your dashboard in just a few clicks.

4. Start Sharing Link

Copy the link and start sharing. The link on your dashboard will be unique to you only.

5. Wait for Approval

We will check each user coming from your link. It may take up to 18 days to approve your referral.

6. Get Paid

Once the approval is done, you will see the balance credited to your account on regular basis.

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Get Paid Every day

Lot of our affiliates get payment everyday credited to their accounts. When your referred user has subscribed to any of the plans a percentage is automatically sent to you.

Your eligibility of payments will depend on the following things

1. Your referred user must be new

DoCommerce affiliate program is only for users who have not signed up before

2. User must subscribe for Business or Enterprise Package

Every referral you make must subscribe to either Business or Enterprise package

3. No cancellation in the first 1 month

If any referred user canceled the subscription in the 1st month, the payment will be on hold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can refer as many users as you want. If your referrals meet the eligibility requirements we will credent money to your account right away.

DoCommerce has a 14 day free trial under which users can explore all the features of the system with no credit card information.

So your referred user can stop using the system anytime within the trial period. However, in such cases your payment is not made.

You can refer users for Business and Enterprise plans. For a business plan, you get 20% and for Enterprise you get 30%.

The average wait time for funds to be credited to your account is 18 days. You can withdraw your balance every 30 days.