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How to Set up Delivery Plan & Shipping Charge for your DoCommerce Store

Setting up your delivery plan and shipping charge is easier than your thought. Before changing all the required options, ensure you have logged in to your verified DoCommerce store.

After logging in to your DoCommerce store, you can easily set up your delivery plan and shipping charge for your DoCommerce store. Make sure you follow our article correctly.

1. First, log in to your admin panel 

2. Then type your admin email and

3. Then type the password

4. Then click sign in 

05. Then click shipping from the Dashboard

06. Then click Delivery plan from the local dropdown 

07. Then click Add Plan

Then a pop-up window will appear

08. Type the plan name in this box

09. Then type the Plan Duration (How many days you will take to deliver)

10. If you have any notes about the following plan details, type them in this box.

11. Then click save

Now we will show how to add a delivery charge 

12. Click delivery charges from the Local drop-down

13. Then click add delivery charge

Then a pop-up window will appear

14. Then type region/state/division in this box

15. Then city/town/District will appear automatically in this box( you can remove other cities according to your delivery plan.)

16. Then select the delivery plan from this dropdown

17. Then type the delivery charge in this box

18. If you want to enable advance payment, check this box.

19. Then click SAVE

This is how you can add a delivery plan and delivery charge for the do-commerce store. I hope this video helped you. If you need further assistance, mail us at support@docommerce.com 

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