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How to Add Warehouse From the Admin Panel

It is important to keep a record of your inventory. A warehouse is your main hub to keep your inventory record. To add your warehouse to your DoCommerce admin panel, you need to follow our article. It will hardly need 10 minutes to finish this process. So, follow the below steps carefully.

1. At first, go to your admin panel 

2. Then type your admin email and

3. Then type the password

4. Then click sign in

05. Then click inventory from the dashboard

06. Click +Add Warehouse from the dashboard

Then a pop-up window will appear 

07. Type your warehouse ID in this box

08. Then type warehouse address.

09. Type the contact person's name in this box

10. Then type the contact person’s phone number in this box.

11. Finally, type the contact person's mail address in this box

Don’t forget to fill in the mandatory field.

12. Then click save.

This is how you can add warehouses easily from the admin panel. Hope this tutorial helped you. If you need further assistance email us at support@docommerce.com

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