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How to Add Brand from the Admin Panel

Before selling your first product, you must ensure your brand name and logo. Your brand name is the ultimate identity of your business. To make your dropshipping business more lucrative, you must add your brand name to your online store.

By following our tutorial, you can easily add your brand name from your DoCommerce admin panel. 

1. First, go to your admin panel 

2. Then type your admin email and

3. Then type the password

4. Then click sign in 

05. Then click catalog from the dashboard

06. Then click brands from the product settings dropdown

07. Then click add brand

08. Then type the brand name in this box.

09. Then select the brand's status either active or inactive from the status dropdown.

10. Then upload the brand logo by clicking on upload and selecting the logo from the file direction. 

11. If you want to show your logo on the homepage of your website simply check this box.

12. Then click save

This is how you can add a brand easily from the admin panel. I Hope, this tutorial helped you. If you need further assistance email us at support@docommerce.com

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